Amsterdam Central Station Island

The Amsterdam Central Station Island already plays host to around a quarter of a million passengers a day. In a few years, this will have increased to 330,000. The decision to build the North/South (metro) Line was the principle reason to examine the position of the Station Island as a whole. It seemed a large-scale upgrade was necessary to enable the island to remain a well-functioning interchange in the future.

Station Island
It quickly became clear that upgrade work at such a busy location, at the heart of the capital of the Netherlands, would be very complicated. For that reason, three parties agreed on a joint approach. They were the Amsterdam City Council, the NS (Dutch Railways) and ProRail on behalf of the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management.They set up the Station Island Coordination. Their most important task is to coordinate the various projects taking place on the island so that it remains accessible throughout the period of construction.

The Station Island Coordination team makes sure that Station Island looks orderly: there are checks to see if the area is clean and undamaged. Building site fences must be in order. Advertising billboards make the fencing less attractive to graffiti artists and information notices show what is going on behind the fencing. Proper signposting ensures that routes are always clearly identifiable.

The Station Island Coordination team arranges agreements on the supply routes for building materials and the size of the building sites. The state of the fencing is also monitored: it must be properly closed off and meet certain requirements regarding height and construction.

The Station Island Coordination team is continually comparing the various project plans to make sure they are compatible. If an opportunity for working together at some point in the future is spotted, or a potential bottleneck, then this can be planned for as far in advance as possible.

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North/South line
With the construction of the North/South Line Amsterdam is investing in a sustainable transport system. The new metro line will be a modern and superfast connection between various focal points in the city

Bus station
One central bus station will be located at the same level as the train tracks. For bus passengers the platform will be very efficient to use. It contains one big ‘island’ in the middle, where all buses will stop.

IJ Hall
Amsterdam Central gets a second main entrance: the IJ Hall, at the northern side of the building. Travellers and visitors will use this hall to access the metro station, the bus station and two new shopping arcades underneath the railway tracks.

Car tunnel
All motorised traffic will go underground. It will use a purpose-built tunnel, which will run parallel to the station building. The construction will contain two separate tunnels, each with two traffic lanes.

Shopping arcades
Inside the station building Dutch Railways and ProRail are constructing two new arcades, in between the three existing tunnels, underneath the railway tracks. Whereas the tunnels have barriers for the public transport chip card system, as well as ‘to go’ formulas for speedy shopping, the arcades will be freely accessible.

Western, middle and eastern tunnel
Three passenger tunnels provide access to the railway platforms: the western tunnel, the middle tunnel and the eastern tunnel. All three will be widened and allow passengers to move around more comfortably.

Tunnel for cyclists and pedestrians
Underneath Amsterdam Central Station the construction of a tunnel for cyclists and pedestrians is well underway. It will provide its users a fast and safe route between the old town and the IJ, where they will have immediate access to the ferry boats to the North of Amsterdam

Cuypers’ Hall
The station’s central hall will be restored and renovated to its former glory. This way the special character of the building will be maintained. Architects Kees Tak and Jan Benthem have developed a plan to bring back the grandeur of the big departure hall.

Storage space for bicycles
New storage shelters for bicycles will be built and the already existing one, at the eastern end of the station, will be renovated. The shelters will offer around 17,500 spaces in total.

Redesign Station Square
The city side of Amsterdam Central will be the domain of pedestrians, cyclists and trams. A walking route, free from obstacles, will be created between the station and Dam Square.

Completed projects
  • Arched bridges
  • Bridges across the Oostertoegang and Westertoegang
  • High speed train
  • IBIS Hotel
  • The ‘New Bridge’
  • Prins Hendrik Quay
  • Western tunnel